In Places of Beauty

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"In Places of Beauty"

Sale espositive Convitto Ragusa 




Lupe Marin (Argentina); Patricia Claro (Cile); Ma Lin, Li Xianyang e Qin Jian

(Cina); Duniesky Martin (Cuba); Anita Calà, Alex Caminiti, Francesco Candeloro,

Fabrizio Passarella, Daniela Perego, Francesca Tulli (Italia); Hannu Palosuo e ROP

(Tuomo Rosenlund e Pekko Orava) (Finlandia); Felipe Cardeña (Spagna); Stevens

Vaughn (Stati Uniti); Juan Diego Perez La Cruz e Rafael Parra Toro (Venezuela).



(anteprima lunedì 18 aprile ore 19.00)


In the Places of BeautyWe are always on the horizon between what has been achieved, been consolidated, and what can be develop. With spatial dialogue and interaction in places, Crossing real, sensitive, individual and indefinable places.

Seeking to apply the method of remembrance in contemporaneity, to overcome borders;

or finding the middle plane on a border which does not isolate.

To seek the limit function in a mathematical sense, in order to constitute the highest point of observation and embrace several point simultaneously. A border contains both the sides within the separation and can be a multiplicity, a true place of openness and rare beauty.

The artist fixates and claims the thought of existing in Beauty

between the object and the narrative.


The fluctuating idea of creating a contrast between the reflections of the person who creates with an intention and the emotions of those who are looking at it.

This is a situation in which the energies of creation produce a loophole of a past memory,

in the time that has been or a re-appearance in the time that will be.

The discussion of aesthetics in past and present relating to form and place.

Which is the eye that sees, how is the eye trained to perceive beauty.

What is behind a brush stroke, a photo shot which holds millions of information

about what is inherent in our nature and culture.

Can it be something else also which guides the hand,

what is determination and what is destined.



Perhaps there is only a game of fate and attention on what seems less important to us at the moment, but which has equal dignity and importance in that it exists as an object,

form or thought.

The challenge of coexisting in between different matters,

trying to grasp the possible interactions. Art eternally reproduced and physically

bringing us closer together, with respect of cultural identities.

In the Places of Beauty

Stevens Vaughn
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ROP (Tuomo Rosenlund e Pekko Orava)
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Ma Lin
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Hannu Palosuo
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Li Xianyang
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Press conference
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Felipe Cardeña
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Press conference
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Stevens Vaughn
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Sale espositive Convitto Ragusa 

Corso vittorio Emanuele, 91 NOTO 


Dal 19 al 24 aprile 2016. 

Tutti i giorni dalle 17.30 alle 19.30. 

Sabato e Domenica 10.00/12.00 – 17.30/19.30.

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