Stevens Vaughn 

is a ritualistic water painter who uses pigments to document the language of water.

His exhibitions are influenced by his study and training in the philosophy of how important imperfection is to the state of perfection in Japan and China.

Stevens Vaughn was born in Minnesota, United States, to Vince Vaughn and Joyce Andresen; farmers and cattle ranchers. Due to a rare form of autism resulting in a lack of the concept of time and direction, his early life was based on seasons and events.




In 1984, Vaughn set up a glass sculpture and blowing studio in Hsinchu, Taiwan and designed media for US retailers including Neimen Marcus, Bloomingdales and Gumps during which he designed products in Limoges, France and glass on the island of Murano, Italy.

In 1988, he was hired as Vice President of Fitz and Floyd and was sent to Japan to learn sculpture and painting. It was here that he began training on how "imperfection is essential to creating a state of perfection". During this time he developed ceramic and porcelain studios in Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, China and in 1991 he spent one year inCuernevaca, Mexico, developing a porcelain studio based on what he learned in Asia. In 1992, he returned and moved to Sri Lanka and China, in addition to residences in Japan. In 1996, he moved to the island of Xiamen, China where he played a major role in the development of porcelain art in the cities of Chaozhou and Dehua, where he was given an honorary professorship in the Ceramic Institute in addition to lecturing in the Central Academy of Art Beijing.


During this time he became more involved in the development of contemporary art sculpture in crystal and porcelain, collaborating with artist Bjorn Norgaard (Denmark) as a technical adviser for the crystal sarcophagus of Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark and his Royal Highness The Prince Consort.


His methods of painting have been reported to use ritual "dripping" techniques that don't pull out the color randomly, rather distribute pigments dropwise. The technique uses instability of the fluid to create figures and the splash of the droplets to further enhance the painting

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