Sombras y membranes

The Sombras and Membranes series were created in Valparaíso, Chile. The art pieces are abstractions on the relationship between shadows and membranes as a parallel to the inter-connectivity,

of Yin and Yang.

Of the non-dualistic relationship of Yin and Yang Vaughn states: ”They are formed as one entity, one particular being. They are membranes, they hold us together.  Their image is not consistent of two sides, but a synergy of each other, a relationship in constant motion. A shadow is never the exact representation of what causes it, but a constant dialogue with the media on which it manifests.

Has been exhibited at the National Gallery Sofia, Bulgaria, and at Nothing gallery in Valparaiso, Chile. 

Title: Sombra


Size: 150X 113


Title: Selfportrait

Size: 150X 113

Title: Membranes


Size: 150X 113