Sarcophagus for Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark


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Model in 1:10 done at the request of Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness The Prince Consort.
The 7 layers of the base is thought to be sandstone, the 3 columns in Danish granite, Faroese basalt and Greenlandic marble. The Elephant heads are cast in silver.
The "Sarcophagus" it self is made in glass, the figures of the royal couple is made as a space within the glass, sandblasted from the inside.
On the top allegories, heraldry and symbols in gilt bronze.

After appointment with the Roskilde Cathedral parish Council, the "Sarcophagus" is placed in Saint Birgittes Chapel.

Glass technology: Steuben Glass, Corning, New York.
Glass casting: Lhotsky, Tjekkiet.
Special advicers: Stevens Vaughn/Rodney Cone, HAFNIA, Xiamen, China.
Natural rocks: Flemming Brian Nielsen Stenhuggeri.
Plasterer: Brdr. Funder.
Architect: Boldsen og Holm.
Ingeneer: Eduard Troelsgaard.
Bronze foundry: Leif Jensen.
Bronze foundry: Mariani.
Assistent: Henrik Keil.