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"Relazioni Estetiche"

Reggia di Caserta

Opening: Saturday 10 November 2018 - 5.30 pm

curated by: Massimo Scaringella




Relazioni Estetiche, a wide and articulated exhibition curated by Massimo Scaringella, will be presented by VILLAM on Saturday the 10th of November at 17.30 and hosted by La Reggia di Caserta until the 20th of December 2018.
Fourteen Italian and international great contemporary artists of different generations have been invited to participate with selected works or site-specific works created in the spaces of the world's largest Royal Palace, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997, and now proposed in a new vision through contemporary art.

Even if all the featured artists use different means of expression – such as video, environmental installation, light art, photography, sculpture, painting - they’re all still connected by formal or substantial affinities in a surprising journey that interacts directly with the internal and external environments of the Palace.
Each artist expresses himself according to his own poetics, with his own materials, and each one tries to establish a dialogue as intense as possible, which in the end, in the plurality of voices, gives back a new space, a new "world" that appears as more complex and enhanced. Some of the artworks, with a strong visual impact, intimately provoke the viewer, involving him from the first to the last room in a continuous revelation of poetic expressions and perceptions.

Inside of the impressive scenario of historical immensity that hosts this exhibition - writes the curator Massimo Scaringella - the works of these contemporary artists can really stand out as they are foreign to the environment. This creates something that seems to be a visual conflict, but that at the same time leads us to an effect of temporal mixture that leads us out of time.

"The establishment of a sacred space where we can react a mythical scene out of time in the present, is the archetypal response of man to his terror of history, of the future and of dissolution in multiplicity" (Mircea Eliade). The eternal return to the same safe cognitive space, experienced both as exorcism to the vibrant universe that artists invoke and celebrate, both as a refuge to escape the vertiginous step of a universal tide, make that space seem closer and more recognizable to our ineffable humanity.

During the opening night the double video projection on a large scale made by Stefano Cagol on the iconic and majestic facade of La Reggia di Caserta, will offer a highly evocative and symbolic experience where the heat of the infrared video becomes a metaphor of energy and life.

The artists who created all the works that will be exhibited in the rooms are: Francesca Arri, Carlo Bernardini, Filippo Berta, Stefano Cagol, Aisha Cahn, Patricia Claro, Shay Frisch, Goldschmied & Chiari, Jorge Miño, Tracey Moffat, Moneyless, Şükran Moral, Alessandro Pongan, Stevens Vaughn.

VILLAM is a fluid project, it’s the ambitious work produced by the natural evolution of the artistic research of Anita Calà, as "every event aims to be a test for the next to come", in a creative continuum that collects the cultural innovations of a world in fast change, ready to create the power of excellence, through exchange and disclosure.

Therefore, this is a long-term project that is curatorial and artistic at the same time, and that aims to be a relational engine and, inspired by the idea of "factory”, to partially rethink the mechanisms of the current "system" of creation-production-fruition from the point of view of the artists, but always towards the users of contemporary art.


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