Water is a Color 

Gulangyu, China 2007


Water is a color Gulangyu.

"In the past years, I have become intensely interested in the relationship between multiple dynamics of (de)constructing ideas of our lives. Without this constant energy and ability to deconstruct, we have no room in our psyche for creating new venues. With the acceptance of, and absolution to the emptiness and the potentiality of empty space 空间, we found that time is no longer so important, or perishable.

While creating the movement of color in the water, and merging onto a surface, The house temple of our Gulangyu with the Guanyin Buddha placed in their dwelling behind me in the garden, reminds of the cyclic continuity of Time.


I like to think of my life as a giant sandbox where I can welcome everyone. In the confinement to trust, inherent in the mutual action of playfulness ,玩儿, we establish a dialogue to the feed of our imagination.


In “Water is a Color”, as in life, I cannot control or take responsibility for the water’s interaction with the pigments. At best, I can create an environment where they are free to interact and create their own story.

Water has no bones.

Flowing water and color.

Welcome to my table of life"


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