Calligraphy of Water  

Venice, Italy 2015


Calligraphy of Water


Mr. Vaughn's trilogy; Water is a color, Calligraphy of water and Violence of color, is a interrelated series of concepts which derives from the ancient traditions of Chinese philosophy. In Chinese Philosophy Water is the strongest element, and to in a natural way mostly practised by original peoples, the cultural expressions stems from such.




“The role that water plays has to do with the balance between the controlled and the uncontrolled. According to the Chinese painting history, the uncontrolled implies permission for the others voluntary intervention and participation in creation, including media such as water, brush, ink, and paper. It is a spiritual realm far beyond technique: to discover and present the existence of self within No Self. Ever since 2013, Stevens abstained from using brush. As a substitute, he cast pigments to the paper and washed out the form and the color with abundant water in most cases. The uncontrolled method”


Professor 秦建(Qin Jian)




Mr. Vaughn's series Calligraphy of water works with the water as force of action on the canvas, the water is the mediator, the movement which defines the structures of the colours. Although we do not see it in the finished works the premeditated ”calligraphy of water” defines the final composition. As in nature and in our beings the water makes up the biggest part of our bodies, of organic matter - of the planet. The water shapes us, although we sometimes believe we are in control of the streams.


Calligraphy of Water has been exhibited in various venues in China, Italy, Iceland and Chile.


In the surrounding of Venice the reference to the Artistic concept become inevitable when reviewing the map of Venice seen from above.

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