Valpo Steps 


Chile  2015

Stevens Vaughn


Valpo Stairs.




The Art deco stairs going up or going down, with a tableau of the rising or setting sun - is the sun rising or setting?.


When painting the stairs, is the color running out of Valparaiso, or into Valparaiso, all the same it is moving and becoming part of the steps. Never sure whether to climb forward or backwards. We cannot preserve the steps, yet every and each is symbolic in the constitution of direction. They are always up or down, sometimes askew.


In Valpo we felt that we were ascending the steps of color, and this action followed the color up. The art piece essentially is about climbing the steps of color, as water splashes down the color goes up, and when the water goes down the color goes up. All people need to climb the stairs, to find that every diversity of peoples, of personalities, of all colors, pass on the narrow path of the stairs. The Stairs have no hierarchy, yet they describe the erosion of the hierarchy, the higher you go, the more you will look down at the fearsome. Down the steps. As a refugee, as a person who has come to Chile, steps of Valpo means more than anything, the steps of classes the steps to safety steps to danger, steps of society. Recognise the power of the steps. We watch Valpo mi amor, and we believe in the blend of the colors, to create a new class hierarchy.

Valpo Steps.jpg