TDK Museum of Art

Xiamen, China 


In this collaboration with Hafnia Foundation, Stevens Vaughn combined his artistic practise with his engagement in education. Together with art students from Xiamen University and TDK museum of Art in Xiamen, they conducted this interactive artistic experiment. The project invited the students to take part in an exercise using ceramic pieces to individually and collaboratively build spatial installation(s). The action of exploring spatial communication with both each other, the material and the space through shape and composition, led to a discussion concerning the philosophical aspects of construction and destruction as a mean to work with the inherent history of the material, objects and space.


The activity involved the construction of an installation piece with the aim of dismantling it as process. The aim being a creation of dialogue concerning durational artistic practise. How do the artist and the viewer create a collective vision and narrative for the life span of a piece? What does the lack of ownership and permanence add to the creative force and abstraction? Is the process inevitable the factor that leads to deconstruction?


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