Dragon Pearl Throne


You are the Center of your world


Throughout human history the throne has been used as one of the most important symbols of royal and divine authority. A clear mark of who wields the power to rule

over the fate of a given community.

In the context of Chinese society and tradition,

the role of the throne has a particular symbolism:

it is the point of intersection between the 5 primordial

elements, and incorporates in itself the diverse qualities of such elements as unifying forces.

The powers inherently invested in their qualities, enable us to go beyond dualistic oppositions.


Back in Imperial China the Throne was alive, and its

presence had to be honoured,

even in absence of the Emperor.

In the installation

“You are the Center of your world”

the attributes aforementioned,

comments on the roles of

authority and leadership in present time.


The Art piece is an inclusive invitation for all

to embrace the principles of the throne and

become agents of positive change,

and be empowered by the authority this symbol holds.

The Throne makes us rulers, queens and kings of our world while simultaneously confronting us

with the responsibility this postion embed.

Thus the Art remind us of the power and agency we all possess -whether we’re aware of it or not,

as members of an ever shifting sociopolitical body.


Throne edited colorful.png