Baptism of Color

The art of Stevens Vaughn has been described variously as abstract, organic, wild, spontaneous and free. In fact the process of his art is the performance of highly unique and ever changing rituals connecting the spiritual world, his individual thoughts and physical action.


The works which we see are relics of Stevens rituals.

Due to a special diagnose of autism, he construct his world

not through time or place, but rituals.

In his works Baptism of Color, he takes on pollution.

Pollution of the environment, of thought, of ideals.


He does not accept a grey polluted world whether it is the man made grayness of this winter in Beijing or the political winter of the inauguration of Donald Trump in Washington D.C.

Reflecting the ruins of Allepo.


The absolution of his tools in water is the absolution in nature, which reflects in his intense human connection.

The water though polluted itself is at most the basic substance of purification.

Water is changeless, powerful, mysterious and all encompassing in his world.


In performing the Baptism of Color, the artist entered the water to clean his body and his thoughts and merge

them with the physical world.

The application of color, meditation on the current state of the world and the work created were complete,

when he joined the work on the sand.

Rodney Cone

   I have a fascination with rituals. Rituals create a sense of order in my existence.

Mystery is the essence of my being.

Autism brings its own beauty for I am not bound by constraints of time and order.

I inhabit a world of chaos, a world where the outcome is no more relevant than the beginning.

The most sacred of my rituals involve water. Immersing myself I return to primordial memories.

In the Tao, feng shui, elements of wind and water create the basis of all harmony.

Water has no bones and cannot be broken or contained ... always in movement.

My paintings are a record of a brief life when the water, paper, color and I engage in a ritualistic dance.

I do not seek to control the water.

I surrender to the water.

The paper comes to life.

Moving, pigments separating and blending.

No time to think for like the calligrapher I am not a writer of words.

The colors have their own language.

For a moment we are one entity where the outcome is random....beyond explanation.

When the ritual is finished the paper becomes a relic of the moment.

  Stevens Vaughn

"Baptism of Color

Stevens Vaughn  

from Friday 20 to Monday 23 January 2017 


Art Rooms 2017

Meliá White House

Albany ST,

Regent’s Park, 

London NW1 3UP

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