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Chilean Conexion Litehaus Berlin 2020.

Stevens Vaughn is again having the honour of being invited to participate in the 

Berlin Group exhibition Chilean Conexion. 

The exhibition consist of 30 Chilean Artist who has a relation to Berlin. 

The exhibition will be on display from 17th of October to 1rst of November.

When the oppressed lose their fear,

fear is transferred to the oppressor.


The intersection between the sacred and rational has always been a complex alliance - in art as in religion.

Faith by its very nature is irrational and is essential in art, - as it is in religion.


It is this point which took me to the Basilica y Convento de San Francisco de Asis in the San Telmo neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, where Pope Francis served as a young priest.


I was intrigued by the Pope's statement 'Who am I to Judge" and his professions of inclusiveness.


So we made an appointment to talk with a representative of the church about the Pope's new words and the practical results of implementing them in a traditional Catholic Church.


The dialogue was with Franciscan Friar Sebastian.


We asked, are Gay, Transgender and Prostitutes allowed to take communion during mass at the church.?

Friar Sebastian answered "yes they are welcome'.


We asked whether God cared what clothes people wore to church? and will the church welcome Nonconforming peoples dressed in the way they feel express their identity?

Friar Sebastian answered that of course they were welcome.

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