Buffet of Emotions  Terra Vita

Food for thought – Thought for Food


Our ideas, love, anger and sexuality is what nourishes or destroys our souls.


Starvation of the spirit is our choice.

We choose to feast at the table of sweet or bitter.

In time of emptiness, I want to feed succeeding generations with something different.

Come to our buffet and share emotions and a bit of friendship if you like.

Be welcome to eat and drink with us all as friends.

By erasing the boundaries of past, present and future,

we will enrich the texture of our lives. Once again inspire each other by being ourselves.

We hope to have you join the table of thoughts and emotions.

All are welcome.

This is the text written by Stevens Vaughn for one of his first installation pieces “Buffet of Emotions”. Created in Dehua, Xiamen in traditional Blanc de Chine, the piece reflects on the space of potential within the art piece in historic and cultural context of material. The piece contemplates the emotions related to consumption, and what it is that evoke the desire in us to posses. The Buffet of emotions the feast of the soul, which cultural integrity lies within ways of consuming food, books, objects and symbols,

the base code for each cultural tribe.

Buffet of emotions was created for the Group project, Terra Vita with among others;

Bjørn Nørgaard(DK)Sigurdur Gudmunsson(ICELAND) and Klitsa Antoniou (CYP).



Buffet of Emotions

Terra Vita Exhibition

Xiamen, China

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