Between sand and water

Between Sand and Water


The series Between Sand and Water is a ritualistic series of paintings, where the relics of the nature and actions of emotion and expression manifests for a period of time.


Due to Vaughn's special diagnose of autism, they construct the world

not through time or place, but with rituals as markers of change.

The art works takes on pollution, pollution in the environment, of thought, of ideals.

The sand become the universe and each grade of colour is the signifier of intention.


Between sand and water no acceptance of a grey polluted world, whether be it man made greyness of Beijing winter or the political winter of the inauguration of Donald Trump in Washington D.C. reflecting the ruins of Allepo.


The absolution of tools in water is the absolution in nature, which reflects the intense human connection. The water polluted itself, as human polluted it self and everything around it. The diluted movement of humans in water, of colour between the sand and the water. The ritual is a basic substance of purification. Water is changeless, powerful, mysterious and all encompassing in his world, yet to humans the water has been contaminated and the filter to clean it is through an universe in a grain of sand.


The series has been exhibited at Djupivogur in Iceland where the pieces are made, and at London La Dame Art Gallery.


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