Chongqing ARTLAB museum inauguration

performance and creation of permanent piece at ARTLAB museum

Chongqing, Sichuan province


My art is like spring rain in the high mountains.

Effortlessly it flows, it cannot be broken. It is inclusive of the environment through which it travels.

My art is not work. It is a consequence of my life.

Flowing into new shapes, new environments where there is no beginning and no end.

Only motion.

Water has no bones and cannot be broken.

This constant ability to transform is my greatest strength and greatest weakness.

My weakness is my strength.

The mountain does not break the water but the water sculpts the mountain.

I exist in a world of play.

Being playful is the essence of the creation of my art.

When we play there is no sense of time or constraint.

This is the alchemy that allows the ordinary to become extraordinary.

I believe that art is closest in its form to a sensation which we refer to as love.
I want to be surprised by my art.

I seek not to control but allow it to manifest itself in accordance with the elements of the living world.