Amor y Solitudine nel passato-presente della Cina 

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In the splendid setting of the Palazzo della Provincia on the celebration for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China Thursday 19 December the exhibition Love and solitude in the past-present of China was inaugurated, born from the desire to deepen dialogue and knowledge between Chinese and Italian culture. Curated by Vittoria Biasi, the exhibition hosts Chinese and Western artists "close in rituality to achieve a harmony to be contemplated following a perspective of the soul". Chinese painters Chen Aijun, Guo Jianguo, Hua Chaofeng, Hua Yan, Lu Xun, Ma Yong, Qiao Zhanxiong, Wu Hao, Xu Guangju, Zhang Laiyou, Zhao Yingxu, outline the cultural heritage of landscape art, with harmonious representations, that sublimate themselves in the ancient calligraphic art. With them also Fan Yue, Xiang Qinggang, Liu Xing who specialized in the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence compose their languages ​​between questions and memories towards their original training. The Italian artists Luigi Di Sarro, Anna Onesti Massimo Orsini, Claudia Quintieri, Marco Raffaele, Steven Vaughn testify, on the other hand, the western research aimed at discerning among the visions of the world the primary energies on which, according to an oriental thought, existences and their conjunctions. 

The Gallery I.S. Art in collaboration with the City of Prato Library, the Chinese Friendship Association of Prato, the Cultural Association of the Fujian Chinese Community in Italy, the General Ramunion Association in Italy, IDLASD Jingwumen, Association Of Chinese Young Entrepreneurs in Europe, the Association of Italian Commerce Chinese of Prato, Wencheng Association of central Italy, Italy Prato Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce, Chinese Ethnic European Association, AAIC Clothing Italy-China, Chinese Association of Li Shui, ASCIC, Ruian Association of Central Italy, The Italy Association of Promotion for Peace & Unity in China, Fujian Association in Europe, Pu Tua Si Buddhist Temple, Zhejiang Association in central Italy, Europe-China International Trade Association (The Belt and Road), with the patronage of the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence and the patronage of the Province of Prato, promotes the exhibition Love and solitude in the past-present of China, curated by the art critic Vit toria Biasi, which opens on December 19 at 10 am, addressing the Chinese communities, which through the observance of tradition, maintain the link with their own culture.

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